How Autistic Souls Outsmarted Regular People and Got Famous

Autism is a condition wherein an individual is unable to communicate normally and behave differently than his or her normal counterparts. However, history has noted many people that were famous in their segment and the crucial fact that they were autistic or had undergone care for autism during their childhood.

Going back to as far as we could not even think of, one of the most noted and gifted musician, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was autistic and it was said that the composer used to change the expressions of his face and constantly move his limbs, a symptom of autism not known at that time.

A little later, in 1965, a psychedelic group named Jefferson Airplane was formed with Marty Balin as the lead singer of the band. He is said to have partial autism during his childhood. With proper care, he was able to overcome it.

Lewis Carroll, the famous poet of all times was diagnosed with autism. Although symptoms o the condition were not known, a comparison of his behavior with a person with Asperger’s syndrome clearly indicated he was victim to autism.Image

These are just a few examples of autistic people who are famous; we are yet to mention Courtney Love, Pablo Picasso and Michelangelo. The idea is that given the right care and support, children with autism have the ability to outsmart people that lead a normal life. They just need the right training to be able to understand their condition and try to overcome it by their own self.


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